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2022 Cohort

Eva Frimpong, Mark Kaldes, Widnie Fadael, and John Ogando
The Axiom REACH Foundation and Rutgers University Announce A.R.G.O.S. Cohort

Axiom REACH and Rutgers University are proud to announce the Fall 2022 Axiom REACH Graduate Oncology Scholars (A.R.G.O.S.) cohort. A.R.G.O.S. is a multi-year commitment from Axiom REACH to provide holistic support for nursing and physician assistant students who demonstrate an understanding of the challenges that may be faced by underrepresented populations.

(Axiom REACH Graduate Oncology Scholars)

Future Healthcare Providers

To help improve care for the neediest cancer patients, we designed the Axiom REACH Graduate Oncology Scholars, (A.R.G.O.S.) program to provide underrepresented future healthcare providers with all of the tools and resources they need to succeed both personally and professionally in their careers with cancer patients. REACH has partnered with the Rutgers School of Health Professions and the Rutgers School of Nursing to begin this program in 2022.


History of A.R.G.O.S.

Meet Ibrahim

The A.R.G.O.S. was inspired by Ibrahim A., to whom in 2019, REACH awarded full tuition support for the nursing program at Americare Technical School.

Inspiration for the name A.R.G.O.S.

Axiom REACH believes that diversity is fundamental to strength and that healthcare, a guardianship of the human condition, is improved through a diversity of perspectives. The A.R.G.O.S. program is named for Ἄργος,” the many-eyed giant in Greek mythology that protects the tree of life.

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